Posted by: mhirdyounger | May 29, 2012

A story of women and agriculture

The United Nations Food and Agriculture Organisation with Farming First have developed this interactive infographic to explore the global story of women working and living in the agricultural sector around the world. This is just an image of the infographic, for the interactive features, check out:

It’s a story of the huge and extremely significant role that women play in the agricultural sector globally. In my own time in Ghana I have been working with many female agriculturalists that have a passion for farming and the drive and entrepreneurial and innovative spirit to have a significant impact on agricultural development. However, this is also a story of a global gender gap – unequal access to inputs, resources, technologies and tools which leads to women producing lower yields. If this gap did not exist, women’s production would equal men’s, and this additional yield could reduce the number of undernourished people in the world by 100-150 million.

Agriculture and rural livelihoods, like so many other areas of development, could see a disproportionate impact through investment in and empowerment of women.


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