Posted by: mhirdyounger | July 4, 2012


As for me, pass me a dis ting, stop worrying me, it’s light out…you may know these words, but do you know what they mean?



Are you sure? – Kind of like yeah, right

As for ___ – Eg. As for her, she likes purple. 

Or? – Kind of like eh, said at the end of a sentence to make it a question.

Let me land – Let me finish

I’m coming – Wait/Hold on a second. When you pick your phone in the middle of a meeting, for example. 

I’m not getting you – I don’t understand

Oh why?

Sorry, oh!

You’re invited – said when eating in front of someone

At all – used in the sense of Not at all (very emphatic)

dis ting – to replace any noun!

worrying me – stressing me out/bothering me

Take the lead – go ahead

One, one – one each 

I’m fine – The common response to how are you?, rather than I’m good (not in the sense of saying I’m fine, but you’re really not)

It fits you – it looks good on you

You’re looking big/fat/fresh – you look nice

Lights out – No, it’s not bed time, the power is just out!

I’m managing – It’s good, in response to how is work?

You get it, but don’t usually hear it back home:

pass left/right – turn left/right

Not the best

In fact!

Good – said when someone agrees with you

relaxing – used more commonly than hanging out

Learning – studying

Dash – added to your purcahse (kind of like a baker’s dozen)

Ah haa – I agree/yes

Trousers – Pants mean underwear!

Pick – to answer your phone, pick something up

Spoiled – rotten

Soft – ripe

Last – as in last price that you’ll pay, in bargaining

On course – on track

You probably don’t know:

Chop – to eat/spend

To send you – Take you. Gets confusing when someone says they’ll send you for food and you think you have to go get it, but really they are inviting you out.

Charley/charley why?/Charley boy

rubber – plastic bag

Trotro – minibus

pear – avocado

dropping – a hired taxi, vs. a shared taxi

alight/drop – to get out of a taxi or bus

small – a bit

small small – slowly

spot – bar/drinking place

Saa? – Really

Obruni(South)/Salaminga(North) – foreigner



  1. You missed two of my favorites!

    I’m satisfied- I’m full after eating
    Bedmatics – no explanation needed!

  2. and the classic… debi debi debi debi! maybe you are too far north for that?

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