Posted by: mhirdyounger | September 6, 2014

Internal Attachment Program in a Photo


601140_10151575751501972_1249873644_nThey say a photo is worth a thousand words.

Today’s guestpost is from JF Sarah Saroop who joined AgEx from the EWB University of Ottawa chapter.  She supported the piloting of the Internal Attachment Program at both Damongo Agricultural College and Animal Health and Production College, which enabled agricultural college students to do community placements with farmers for strengthened experiential learning. Her photo and caption below were featured in the FSN Weekly Newsletter.  


DAC Community Presentation (1)


Description: As a part of the Internal Attachment Program, Damongo Agricultural College students are embedded in the communities in the West Gonja Region to identify agricultural problems farmers face. After determining appropriate solutions, students return to their host communities, share their knowledge and practice their extension skills. In this photo a student uses technology to illustrate the identified problem and solution to the community’s chief.

Also see guestposts from AgEx JFs Mark Eskandar and Millicent Maaleeku. See here for more info on the Internal Attachment Program and here for stories of the program’s impact.


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