EWB & My Work

A lot of what I share in this blog is based on my work and life in West Africa. Although I am currently based in Canada, completing graduate studies, my research and much of my brain power, is spent on development in West Africa.

My Work with EWB

While in Ghana, I was the Venture Leader for the AgEx Venture, within Engineers Without Borders Canada (EWB), in Ghana. AgEx invested in the agricultural extension and advisory services sector in Ghana, working to improve the services, information and resources required for farmers to have improved and sustainable livelihoods. Learn about what AgEx did here.

EWB logoFounded in 2000, EWB works towards a world in which everyone is able to have their basic needs met and reach their potential.  The EWB network consists of over 30,000 members who run ventures in Africa, promote public awareness of development issues in Canada and advocate for strengthened and improved support for development work.

We focus on innovations that impact systems – economic, political, social and cultural. We aim to prove what works, shift incentives and power dynamics, and transform the way people and organisations behave. We emphasize:

  • Collaboration and co-development with our partners
  • Iteration, learning from failure
  • Grounded in field-level understandings
  • Investing in people, capacity building
  • Cost efficiency and effectiveness

Job Hunt

Want to work with EWB? Apply at through this site.

How did I hear about this job opportunity with EWB? Through this great resource for development jobs. Join today! https://sites.google.com/site/dvmjobsemplois/

Keep ‘In the Know’

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  2. […] EWB & My Work […]

  3. plz i love agriculture with my body, soul n spirit.i need entrance badly,help me out.i’m counting on u.

    • I’m happy to hear about your passion for agriculture! We need enthusiastic and passionate young agriculturalists in Ghana. To apply, you can find forms at all the five agricultural colleges as well as regional MoFA offices. I cannot help you with your application, but I wish you the best of luck.


  4. […] EWB & My Work […]

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